Services for STPI

Software Technology Parks of India

All the services required for a STP unit under one window which include:

Arranging Letter of Permission

Arranging Green Card

Arranging execution and acceptance of Legal Undertaking

Arranging attestation of Floor Plans

Arranging attestation of List of Capital Goods to be imported and/or to be procured indigenously

Arranging Import Certificate, Domestic Certificate & Re-export Permission etc.

Arranging enchancements in CG limits.

Arranging approval of Additional locations/Extensions of existing locations.

Arranging permissions for DTA Sale.

Arranging renewal/extension of Letter of Permission.

Arranging Debonding of STP units.

Any other liasion work/permission from the office of Director ,STPI.

Arranging Customs Clearance from all ports and any other permission from the Office of Director, STPI, Noida.

NAVEEN ARORA Chartered Engineer & Approved Valuer ( P&M) ( Customs & MNRE Empanelled ) CERTIFICATION / VALUATIONS RESPECT OF :BOM & Purchase Order verification for Solar Power Developers Appendix-32A and Installation Certificates under EPCG Scheme. Status Holder Incentive Scheme (SHIS) & Advance License. Import of Plant & Machinery for 100% EOU. Certification for import of Second Hand Plants, Machinery and Spares . Import into SEZ. Export of defective parts/equipment . NOC from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF). Cold Chain Subsidy.