Certification for Solar Power Developers

MNRE Empanelled Chartered Engineer

Solar Power Developers (SPD) have to get their Bill of Material certified by the Chartered Engineer for the purpose of issuance of Custom/Excise Duty Exemption Certificate for availing concessional customs duty ( CCDC) and exemption of excise duty (EDEC) for setting up Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic Power Generation Project.

Upon generating the CCDC/EDEC, SPD may take a print out, which will then be forwarded along with purchase order to MNRE through EMPANELLED CHARTERED ENGINEER who shall certify the quantity with respect to the approved BOM and also regard to the provisions/conditions of Min. of Finance ( Department of Revenue ). CCDC/EDEC or both, as the case may be, shall be issued by MNRE for each PURCHASE ORDER.

In the event of any amendment in quantity or additions of new item/items with respect to the BOM, the SPD shall provide complete justification of amendment in quantity or addition of new item/items. The CHARTERED ENGINEER shall certify the amendment of BOM clearly endorsing the reasons for such amendment. I am a certified and Empanelled Chartered Engineer from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy ( MNRE ) vide their Office Memorandum no. : 30/42/2011-2012/NSM (Pt.) dt. : 09.06.2014

Click to download: http://mnre.gov.in/file-manager/UserFiles/om_modified_ccdc_edec_17012013.pdf

NAVEEN ARORA Chartered Engineer & Approved Valuer ( P&M) ( Customs & MNRE Empanelled ) CERTIFICATION / VALUATIONS RESPECT OF :BOM & Purchase Order verification for Solar Power Developers Appendix-32A and Installation Certificates under EPCG Scheme. Status Holder Incentive Scheme (SHIS) & Advance License. Import of Plant & Machinery for 100% EOU. Certification for import of Second Hand Plants, Machinery and Spares . Import into SEZ. Export of defective parts/equipment . NOC from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF). Cold Chain Subsidy.