Certification for MOEF

Certification for NOC from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF)

Importers of Electrical and Electronic Equipments, Spare Parts, Instruments etc. has to get an NOC from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) for conforming their End Use and identification as E-Waste or not prior to the Custom Clearance. Chartered Engineer has to prepare a report to declare the Nature & Type of goods, Residual Life of the Equipments under Import w.r.t the guidelines of customs circular on HAZARDOUS WASTE (Management, Handling and Transboundary) Rules, 2008. After the satisfactory submission of Chartered Engineers Report to MOEF, the imported then receives the NOC from MOEF. On the basis of this NOC, the clearance is initiated with customs authority.

NAVEEN ARORA Chartered Engineer & Approved Valuer ( P&M) ( Customs & MNRE Empanelled ) CERTIFICATION / VALUATIONS RESPECT OF :BOM & Purchase Order verification for Solar Power Developers Appendix-32A and Installation Certificates under EPCG Scheme. Status Holder Incentive Scheme (SHIS) & Advance License. Import of Plant & Machinery for 100% EOU. Certification for import of Second Hand Plants, Machinery and Spares . Import into SEZ. Export of defective parts/equipment . NOC from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF). Cold Chain Subsidy.